Narrow House Metals creates graceful, intriguing jewelry in sterling silver and 14k gold. Each piece is expertly handcrafted in Melissa Jenkins’ Williamsport studio, located in the beautiful Susquehanna Valley of central Pennsylvania. Melissa’s love for the outdoors and the natural world is evident in the textures and forms that characterize Narrow House jewelry. The entire collection, from your favorite silver earrings to our treasured custom wedding bands, is created with an eye toward environmental responsibility, timeless design, and quality that is built to last.

Narrow House jewelry is available online, or through select shops and galleries across the U.S.

Melissa also offers classes and workshops where you can experience the art of making handcrafted jewelry in a relaxed & welcoming environment. Her jewelry classes encourage people of all backgrounds to work with their hands, experience the joy of creation, and take pride in their accomplishments. Both regular classes and private party events are available for curious, crafty, or not-so-crafty people who are interested in trying out some fun projects. Get more info & check out the current schedule here.

Wrapped Ring Workshop

Wrapped Ring Workshop

About the Artist

The processes of metalsmithing are captivating for me. I was fortunate to have a solid foundation in designing and crafting high-quality fine jewelry, both as a Fine Arts student in Edinboro University’s Metals Department, and during my 10 years spent working under an accomplished custom goldsmith. Narrow House Metals launched as a sideline in 2010, and I went on to pursue it full time a few years later. From those early years to my current day-to-day routine, I have always approached my workbench with a true love for creating precious metal objects that become part of people’s lives.

My background gave me a passion for good design principles, but also emphasized that interesting designs are only one small part of creating well-crafted jewelry. Quality materials and technical expertise are just as important in creating jewelry that is beautiful, comfortable and durable. I purchase conflict-free, ethically sourced gems; I work with reputable suppliers to use reclaimed metals; and I never cut corners. At every stage, I am committed to building each piece of jewelry the right way, every time.


Craftsmanship: Quality that is built to last

Narrow House jewelry is carefully handcrafted from high-quality precious metals and gems. Whether it’s using bezels instead of prongs, or simply switching to a thicker-gauge wire, I always consider what decision will yield the best possible product for you.

Environmental responsibility: Handmade products that balance distinctive style with sustainability

I am deeply committed to minimizing studio waste and contributing to new mining as little as possible. Nearly all of my jewelry is made using reclaimed metals: high-quality materials that are processed through one of the world's greenest precious metals refineries, located right in the eastern U.S. Every bit of scrap silver or gold, from clipped wire down to the grit that I sweep off the floor, is sent to a refinery to be recycled back into the manufacturing stream. I also continually examine my studio practices and make changes when I see an opportunity to improve.

Authenticity: Original works that are what they say they are.

All of my pieces are original designs, not copied or “borrowed” from another jewelry designer. When you purchase a piece of Narrow House jewelry, you can rest assured that you’re getting a unique product that has been thoughtfully designed and meticulously crafted from authentic materials.

Community over Competition: Holding each other up doesn’t bring anyone down.

At Narrow House, this is so much more than just a feel-good hashtag. It’s about building genuine relationships, promoting awareness of my craft, and celebrating when other people reach for their goals--and succeed! I live this goal every day by teaching community-oriented jewelry workshops, and by building productive relationships with other jewelers, craftspeople, small business owners, and makers.

I have always been intrigued by the small details that are hidden in the world around us. A dried seed pod open and spent, the gritty sparkle of sun-warmed stone, the rough texture of wood torn from a tree, a mechanical belt turning; all display the underlying structure and purpose of everyday items in a new context. These details are made all the more precious when captured in silver and gold, inviting you to share the discovery and examine the frozen moments more closely.

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